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Anonymous asked:
I'm almost 20 years old & I've never had a boyfriend. Everyone is usually surprised by this because I'm well put together (at the risk of sounding cocky)-- pretty, smart & relatively likable. I'm very open to dating but tend to be shy around guys. How can I make myself seem more available without coming off as desperate?

Hey! Okay, well I am twenty years old (recently) and I also have never had a boyfriend! (Well not like a “real” boyfriend.) so you’re not alone :) honestly I think the best thing to do is to become FRIENDS with guys first. Personally I’m just awkward if I’m like I’m going to try to make this person like me, instead I just try to make a friendship and see what goes from there. Another good way to meet guys is in nonstressful environments (like church or class, not like at parties because I think in atmospheres like that there’s more stress at the beginning). Hope you find the right person soon :)


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Anonymous asked:
Hello, so I've acquired some friendship troubles. I have a wonderful friend who lives a little ways away from me, but nothing too far. We have hung out a few times and had a great time in the past. But now, every time I try to make plans with her, she'll say "I'll ask my parents" (we're still teens) then never get back with me. She tells me she loves and misses me, but she'll never give me a date or even ask when I'm free so we can FINALLY hang out! Any tips?! Thanks:)

Hi there! That can be super frustrating! I know that personally sometimes I just get like antisocial about talking to people or meeting up with them even when I absolutely love and miss them, it’s a weird thing, but it’s a human flaw that I think happens naturally. Here’s my advice, make her give you an answer! Work around her as much as possible, and let her choose the activity, maybe she doesn’t want to do something that involves spending money or maybe she’s embarrassed for you to come to her house. If all of that fails (which it sounds like it already may have) I would just be up front. Just be like, look is there something that makes you uncomfortable?! Have I done something? Because I value your friendship and really want to spend time with you! Best of luck :)


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